This story is a classic—really, one in a million.

The couple first met at USC in their teens, but moved on in different directions after graduation. Eventually the groom married, and the bride got engaged to another. She bought her dream wedding gown at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills… and then… plans changed.

Fast forward 20 years later, when at a USC football game, the two bump into each other in a tunnel at the Coliseum. There it was again: the magic! Too strong to ignore.

They got back together, and he proposed. Finally, after all these years, the wedding that was meant to be was ON! With high hopes, our bride went back to Saks and her original consultant was still there… and the dream dress still fit! This is a true storybook romance that renews our faith in the power of love. And it couldn't happen to two nicer people.

All the printed pieces for this wedding and reception were classic, another perfect fit for the bride who is herself a wedding and event planner. She chose thick ivory stock engraved in black ink, and all the elements in her wedding suite were anchored with a stunning hand drawn gold engraved monogram. This was truly the most classic wedding invitation of my career!