The invite-in-a-box has been around forever… we have done them before, but never like this!

Being an edgy and hip designer, this bride brought the most amazing ideas to the table for her outdoor wedding overlooking the cliffs of Big Sur. Her invite would be unique, that was for certain! it began with deeply cut letterpressed invitation on thick pillowy stock with inks in her color palatte of rust and charcoals to invoke the autumn season. But that was just the beginning. The suite was wrapped in nubby ivory burlap acting as a gatefold cover, and this was held in place with silk cord and the most unusual dried flower.

This little bundle was then be placed in a kraft box lined in thick, pebbly grey rubber sheets of flooring! It had to be carefully cut and pasted into the box (I won't reveal how many cutting tools were broken on this one!) Then the box was sealed with a vellum band with the names of the bride and groom.

The entire box was then hand wrapped in kraft paper that had been printed with the guest's name and address. Each box had to be wrapped ever so carefully so as to keep the address centered.

We are still so very proud of this elaborate and stunning endeavor! The finished product was exactly what was needed to announce a gorgeous wedding in the pines, overlooking the ocean in Big Sur!




PHOTOGRAPHY: Marcel & Meher Photography