Patti Black, Owner

Patti Black

Believe it or not, I never planned on being in the stationery and custom wedding invitation business. My career began after graduation from UCLA on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. and continued as a news producer for CBS in Los Angeles retail?  Not a chance!

But in 1989 it came to be that i was the owner of a little store in Pacific Palisades! And magically, it all made sense. Weddings have always been an obsession of mine. As a small child, I would insist that my father pull the family station wagon over when we passed by a church when a bride was in sight. Trust me, as the fourth of six children I did not speak up much, but when it came to brides, i was adamant! And for some strange reason, my Dad complied!  I watched any program on the early days of television that had a bride. Now there are so many programs on so many channels. But in the 50's there was only one program...and my grandmother and i never missed it!

Now my life is all about weddings, brides, receptions, colors, designs.  I love the stories of how the couples met and fell in love, how their story evolved. It’s an honor to be a part of one of the most important days in a persons life. From the engagement party, the showers, to the save the date, the wedding invite, the thank you notes, the programs, menus, placecards all the way to the first baby shower and baby announcement-we are a part of it.

When people who ask what my life is like as a retail stationer, especially now when most customers order so much on line, I proudly report that I feel blessed to be involved in the events of peoples lives.  From the births to the deaths and everything in between. It is not just any job... It is amazing and special and rare.  In this day of electronic everything...emails, internet shopping, books on handheld readers and such, we need to stay connected and my staff helps people do just that. There are many people who still revel in the process of choosing their wedding invitations or new thank you notes, feeling the different textures of different paper stocks, selecting the ink colors and fonts. They wouldn't know where to start an order online and that is just fine with us.   Whether it’s a personal letter or a sympathy note, we help people stay in touch... And especially now, it’s time to take the time.